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Ghanaians React After Pastor is Captured on Camera Doing This

A Pastor has raised concerns after being captured in a video that has been circulating on social media, while administering what he termed as' holy water'.

Nowadays, many evil things are happening. Many people are using the church name to do a lot of evil for deliverance and miracles.

 According to a post circulating on social media, a pastor allegedly poured water into a bucket, stepped on it, urinated on it, and gave it to his church members to drink as "holy water" for blessings and miracles. I don't know what nowadays churches are turning into. This is so horrific. 

How can a pastor give his church members his urine to drink to have breakthroughs, miracles, and blessings? This is not coming from God, not what Jesus taught us. This is absolutely evil. 

Surprisingly, all the church members had to drink the same water. I don't know how gullible I am. Some people can be just because they are seeking miracles and blessings. How would you react if you went to church and your pastor asked you to drink his urine as holy water, so you would have a miracle and breakthrough? It is unfortunate that it happened in Tanzania and not in Ghana. 

But I know here in Ghana there are fake pastors pretending to parading themselves as real pastors, deceiving people by doing all kinds of fake miracles just to get money and fame. Please share your thoughts on this post, and don't forget to like and comment.

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