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Bishop Gideon Titi Ofei gives 7 reasons why young pastors suffer from disappointed expectations.

The strategist and contemporary preacher, Bishop Gideon Titi Ofei, has given a sound advice to young pastors who have been called by God to win souls for the Kingdom of God. 

In a Facebook post today, Bishop Gideon Titi Ofei highlighted seven reasons why most young preachers misconstrue in the ministry.

Firstly, Bishop Titi Ofei asserted that young pastors shouldn’t think of becoming rich men of God overnight. This is because every pastor encounters financial challenges. 

“If you enter into ministry expecting to be successful overnight then get ready to be disappointed, because it is a life-long journey on a lonely narrow path. Even those you assume are successful have their own challenges”, he said. 

In addition, he asseverated that amateur preachers shouldn’t have prejudicative mind of enjoying the sweet from someone’s hard labour. This is because every sweet is an output of sweat. 

“If you enter into ministry expecting to reap where you have not sown, then get ready to be disappointed because every harvest has an owner”, he added.

Thirdly, he advised juvenile men of God to be frugal and logical in terms of the utilisation of both financial and physical assets. 

“If you enter into ministry and decide to live above your means expecting senior pastors to support your lifestyle then you will be disappointed because if you fail to cut your coat according to your size, don’t expect anyone to carry the excess fabric”, he said. 

Also, Bishop Gideon Titi Ofei cautioned inexperienced pastors to measure their sense of entitlement in the ministry.

“If you enter into ministry with a sense of entitlement then, prepare for disappointment because not everyone thinks you deserve what you believe you deserve”, he stated.

He further averred that young pastors shouldn’t have the expectation of depending on others to succeed.

“If you enter into ministry with a dependency syndrome then, expect to be disappointed because no one can meet all your needs not even the senior pastor or your church”, he asserted. 

Sixthly, he urged pastors to acquire and enhance their skills in order to make them productive and versatile in the ministry.

“If you enter into ministry because you have no skill to compete on the job market, then get ready to be disappointed because ministry requires highly skilled personnel and dedicated service to succeed”, he added. 

Moreover, young pastors should shun wealth acquisition mentality if only they want to succeed in the ministry.

“If you enter into ministry to get wealth then get ready to be disappointed because, ministry has cost many their health. Out of every one supposedly wealthy Pastor, there are thousands who cannot even fend for their families”, he said. 

He wrote this on his Facebook page today.

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