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The Uses Of Psalms And Prayer For All Purposes

Anyone who believes in the power of prayer and the recitation of the Psalms while using Sanctuary Oil or Holy Oil to burn incense may read and put the following into action in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 5: If you have an evil spirit on you, pray until the end of the verse, and it will leave. And to win the approval of anyone.Take olive oil, pronounce it three times at sunrise and sunset, and apply it over your face, hands, and feet if you have business with the authorities. God Almighty will open the gate for you.

Psalm 1: When a woman is pregnant and fears a premature delivery or dangerous confinement, she should write or have written on a white piece of paper, the three first verses of the above Psalm, together with the holy name of God ( Eel Chad) and appropriate prayer contained herein, and place it in a small bag made expressly for that purpose, and suspend it by a string around the neck, so that the bag will rest against her body, and send her to hospital for safe delivery. 

The prayer goes as follows.

"May it please thee, Holy Eel Chad, to grant unto this woman, that she may not have a premature confinement at this time, or at any other time; much more grant unto her a genuinely fortunate delivery, and keep her and the fruit of her body in good health in Jesus name" Amen! Selah!

3. Psalm 3: Anyone who experiences frequent headaches and backaches should pray this Psalm, using the leading holy names and proper prayer included therein, over a tiny amount of olive oil, anointing the head or back while praying. This will bring about instant relief. Adon is the holy name (Lord).

The following is the prayer.

"Adon (Lord) of the world, may it please thee to be my healer and helper. Heal me and relieve me of my excruciating headache and backache, for it is only in Thee that I may find healing, and in Thee alone can I find wisdom and action. Amen! -Selah-Selah!

4. Psalm 6: All eye diseases may be cured with the help of this psalm. The holy name of Jaschajah, which means help is with the Lord, should be constantly on your mind as you read the Psalm for three days in a row and pray the prescribed prayer seven times slowly and with devotion. Have complete faith that the Lord can and will assist you.

The prayer goes like this.

"Jehovah, my Father, may it please Thee, for the sake of the great, mighty, holy and adorable name, Jeschajah Baal Hatschna, that is, Help is with the Lord (for he is the Lord of help, he can help), which name is contained in this Psalm, heal me from my diseases, infirmities, and from pain of my eyes, for thine is the power and the help, and thou Amen!

5. Psalm 8: You should recite this Psalm three days in a row at sunset if you want to win the respect and good will of everyone in your business dealings. You should also keep repeating the holy name of Rechmial, which means a great and powerful God of love, grace, and mercy. Anoint the hands, feet, face, and other body parts with a small amount of olive oil after each time you say the appropriate prayer.

The prayer goes as follows: Oh, Rechmial Eel, may it please Thee to grant that I may receive love, grace, and favor in the sight of men in accordance with thy holy desire, in Jesus name. Amen! -Selah!

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