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Fully Embrace Your Uniqueness.

God created individuality and uniqueness.He is a God of Variety.

David said I am fearfully and wonderfully made.David also said under the influence of the Holy Spirit that all his members were written in a book and God saw his substance when he was yet unperfect.This is uniqueness!

The born again spirit of a man is imprinted with a unique DNA of God that holds within it the keys to your purpose,potential and destiny.

There is no one in the history of the world that has ever been like you or will ever be like you.

God wove a unique grace and glory into your spirit when His Spirit was joined to yours and as you submit your soul to the leadings of the Holy Spirit by allowing the Word of God to govern your mind,will and emotions, you will express this unique grace and glory of God in your body and every part of your life in ministry,business,finance,marriage and academia.Halleluyah!

Acknowledging and celebrating your uniqueness is fully embracing the Word of God as your spiritual DNA for we are born again not of corruptible seed but by the incorruptible Word of God that abides forever(1 Peter 1:23).

God bless you.

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