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Africa is a conquered race

ur people are very funny. I mean it. Very very funny.

You were born and indoctrinated into a particular religion.

You grow up, read the so called "Holy Books" and begin to question things.

In place of belief, you entertain doubts.

You are appalled by the inhumanity, the cruelty and the absurdity of its God and their originators.

You discover to your surprise and horror that there was a time a God supported slavery, wars of extermination, debauchery, etc.

You ask questions. Your religious guides have no answers.

They tell you that God's ways are mysterious. That you can't understand it using your brain.

Your heart revolts from such a fiend. You tell yourself, "I would rather not worship any God than to worship a slave dealer, a warmonger, a murderer, etc."

Then you become an outcast!

Once you become irreligious or even change your religion, you become a pariah to your family, to your friends, to your community and even to the world.

No Israelites will hate and insult a fellow Israelite because the person doesn't believe or worship Amadioha, Ogun, etc.

No Arab will kill his brother for saying that Shongo is not a God.

I'm yet to see the Arabs and the Israelites embark on pilgrimage to the rivers in any African country.

But Africans will curse, hate, malign, denigrate and execrate their brothers and sisters because of a religion given to them by their former colonial and slave masters.

Africa is a lost continent.

Africa is a conquered race. We are TOTALLY CONQUERED!

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