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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Makes Her Husband Angry After Saying Her Pastor Is Sweeter Than Him

A father of two, Stanley Mwasya, has made an unexpected revelation about his wife and her pastor. According to Mwasya, the pastor's wife has been in love with him for more than two years, culminating in a classic example of the shepherd "eating" the herd.

“In the previous 24 years, it never occurred to me that Grace could be so wicked as to date our pastor. She's also been depriving me constitutional right and making up nonsense justifications. What strikes me the most is that she continues to recommend that I seek spiritual breakthroughs and prayers from the same pastor. Surprisingly, the pastor occasionally intervenes when we have misunderstandings,“ Mwasya remarked.

Many people said that Mwasya's wife was having an affair with the unmarried pastor, but he dismissed the claims as mere gossip.

The guy of the home eventually discovered a heartfelt letter from the preacher on her wife's phone. That's when he started looking into the accusations, which looked to be legitimate at the time. “Look, I have proven my worries right,” remarked Mwasya elders who visited him after learning of the incident. He continued by saying that he had invited the two (wife and pastor) to talk about the problem.

They were apprehended doing the unimaginable at a Machakos guest house even before they could react to the charges. That was an embarrassing incident that ended in the pastor's face being smeared with an egg. He was laid off from his work. Mwasya was weak in bed, according to the lady, which caused her to fall for the pastor, who was ten years younger than her husband.

Mwasya enlisted the help of herbalist Wema Kamaliza to track down the two, who were seeking to conceal their illegal relationship following the love texts.

“They were caught and were being kept at a Machakos guest home. This is what attracted staff and customers to the site. “They were sobbing in anguish, asking for help,” Mwasya remembered, adding that herbalist Wema Kamaliza intervened and relieved the duo of their misery.

Although the elders have yet to reach a decision, Mwasya has stated that he would forgive his wife. Mwasya had agreed to the herbalist's offer of medicines to boost his libido.

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