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Ghanaians Reacted About this Topic Rest in Peace Or Live in Peace

As we always say, death is something no human being can avoid. Death itself is a necessary end for all living things.

When death comes or if someone dies what we always hear is "Rest in Peace" that means the dead person must go and rest in peace But during the person lifetime was not living in peace.

We begin to ask some Ghanaians about this topic "Live in peace or Rest in peace" ,they all gave us different reaction or opinion.

The first person opinion was that, he is a Christian and will rather go and rest in peace than to live in this world with peace because God loves everyone.

The second person opinion was that he too is a Muslim, when you die and go to heaven you will get the needed peace every human being should have get while alive.

And the interesting opinion was from one beautiful lady who said why must we live in this physical world with sorrows, hunger , hate and lack of money. But will go and rest in peace in the spiritual world, it does not make sense to her.

She will rather prefer to live in peace than to go and rest in peace when she is dead, a place she does not even believe is real.

This debate is going to be very interesting years to come, of course the religious fanatics will prefer to rest in peace when they are dead and the non-religious fanatics will also prefer to live in peace while Alive.

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