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Social and Political leadership of the Muslim community

There is no doubt that no community could continue to exist without a capable leader. For this very reason, it has been common for nations in the past to appoint leaders, some leaders have been decent and at the other times indecent. Because of the need for a leader, aggressors and tyrant sultans have passed themselves off as the community leaders since antiquity.

On the other hand, in order for a person to attain spiritual perfection, he has to live and co-operate with others. This is because an individual is not powerful enough but a congregation of people can give the individual a lot of power. However, a community should ve governed by a correct system in order for capabilities to flourish and corruption to be suppressed . Such a community should mobilize its potential innate forces. Since error prone man cannot bring forth such a mobilization, an innocent and infalliable leader, appointed by God, becomes necessary. This need is especially felt today when we observe the degree to which political leaders are corrupt.

This is another logical reason for the presence of an Imam within a community. It is another aspect of God's Benevolence. I would like to iterate this fact that while the infalliable Imams are temporarily hidden from our eyes, our obligation to have a substitute Imam had been anticipated in Islamic law. It is up to an Imam to both lead snd guide people and make the proof irrefutable against those who would still like to go astray. This will forestall any excuses to the effect that the religious leader has not put forth enough energy to guide them. This would prevent the construction of alibis and excuses, and those who are sincere would be guided. Most scholars of religion in accordance with Islamic narrstions, have likened the presence of a Prophet or an Imam among humanity to the heart in the body of human being.

We know thst when the heart beats, it sends blood to all the arteries which carry blood to other parts of the human body. The infalliable Imam is a perfect and progressive member and leader of humanity. Since he is the cause for the descent of divine Grace from which each individual benefits depending on the degree of his communication with the Prophet and the Imam, he could be likened to the heart of the community as well. We should not under the delusion that the Prophet or the Imam should provide people with material things. The same way the heart is an intermediary between man and God in conveying God's Grace and the Prophet and the Imam are the intermediaries of God's Grace to humanity.

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