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Allow Moslem-Christian Marriages: The Cry Of The Youth.

Religion is a set of beliefs and doctrines that aim at enlightenment.

To others, it is a sickness of the mind where one believes in an abstract being one cannot see or feel. This group of people are people who scientifically minded and believe in only what can be proven alone. This set of people are grouped together to be called atheists.

Even with those who believe in the existence of a supernatural being are of different categories.

Thus, those who believe in the unism of the supernatural being. This group believe that nothing should be associated and compared to the supreme being (God). An example is the Islamic Religion.

The second group are those who believe that the supreme being is so SUPREME that man is less qualified to contact and associate with Him directly. They therefore believe that the supreme being intercessors through which man's grievances can reach the supreme being (God). This can be likened to the Traditional religion and Christianity.

The differences in the conception of what religion is has given us different religions in Ghana and the world over. These different religions have lived in some places as rivals. This rivalry is what has come to be known popularly as RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS.

However in Ghana, these different religions ( Traditional, Islamic and Christian religions) have wonderfully lived in harmony and cordiality with each other. They do things together and the only difference they show is their days of worship, places of worship and their modes of worship.

During wedding ceremonies in churches, close to half the attendants are sometimes Moslem friends or Traditional friends.

On Islamic festive seasons such as "Eidul adha and fitr", Christian friends are always in cheers with their Moslem friends. In public gatherings, prayers are always shared among the three major religions we have.

As a result of this cordial religious relationship, Ghana has earned the accolade "The Haven of Peace" in Africa.

All attention should be geared towards improving or maintaining the foundation of Peace in our country.

The final tool that will finalize the seal of Peace is to work towards inter-religious marriage among the religions in Ghana.

By: Jmahama.

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )

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