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'Pastors And Individuals in Support Of The LGBTQI Do Not know God' - Bennett Ato Wilson

The Superintendent Minister of North Kaneshie Methodist Church, Very Reverend Bennett Ato Wilson said that, all pastors and individuals in support of the LGBTQI do not know God and as a matter of fact, they have deviated from the word of God.

The very Reverend Bennett Ato Wilson said, if God wanted same-sex marriage, like He wouldn't have bothered Himself to create Eve for Adam.

Even Satan knows what a woman need that was why he never attempted to test Adam but rather Eve, Bennett Ato Wilson said.

So therefore, he advises the youth to stay away from bad deeds and fear God since that is the only way to gain wisdom and most importantly, they should abstain from homosexuality because it is one of the sin that God hates the most.

The very Reverend Bennett Ato Wilson made this statement at Good News Methodist Church, North Kaneshie when he was questioned about his opinion on the LGBTQI+ brouhaha.

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