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Save yourself from any evil attacks.

We all need protection against our enemies and potential people or spirits that wants to harm us. As stated in the good books, we do fight an enemy we do not see, that is the reality we face in our world. Why would a president employ soo many bodyguards and personal security agents to protect him and to ensure the safety of all his or her relatives. For some days now I have been wondering why a person would want to assassinate the president or any other person. I got this understanding that the president or the victim here has something that the enemy doesn't have, therefore the need to destroy the victim is very high.

Most of us have been fighting spiritually with spirits we have no connections with just because of our lights and our purpose in life they always want to see us down. This calls for the need to be always ready for such spiritual attack or better still seek for something that can protect us. One thing I always say is that pastors are the most protected people on planet earth yet they die. They claim they have direct connection with God yet some of them die untimely death. Is it that God neglected them or what. This should tell you something that there is indeed something that is really fighting against humanity.

But God in his own wisdom gave man the key to these problems yet we have not noticed it. We have all these herbs and trees around that can be used to heal people and save people from spiritual attacks yet we don't see them. In today's write up I will be exposing you to some herb that can prevent any spiritual attack and absorb any bad energy in your house.

All you need is is Tameawu leaves. Put some of the leaves at the four corners of your room or your entire house and see what happens next. You can also plant the tree itself in your house for 100 percent effect. Let's all try and protect ourselves for the enemy will have no mercy but will come and destroy things.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share to save a friend. Have a nice day.

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