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I Tried To Kill Myself But God Used These Guys To Save Me~ Moesha Boudong.

As it is written in the Bible in Luke chapter 15:7, "There will be greater rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine good folks who do not need to repent." Angels are happy in heaven when they receive a repentant soul into the kingdom of the most high God. Moesha Boudong recently repented of her past lifestyle and embraced Christ as her Lord and personal saviour. A decision that will provide her soul with a peaceful resting place when she passes away.

Many people did not accept her repentance, and she became a social media laughingstock. She erased all of her attractive photographs on Instagram to show the world that she has left her past ways behind her and is now wearing the armour of Christ. She also went to church, where she cried out to God for forgiveness and even began to pray in tongues.

Moesha has resurfaced on the internet, and what she done has touched my heart, and I'm sure it will touch yours as well. Men used to sleep with Moesha and offer her peanuts as money, but these same men were stealing her fame for themselves, according to Moesha.

She preached to people around her, warning them not to be deceived by the devil into exploiting their bodies to get wealth. She went on to say that selling your body to wealthy men will not lead to riches, but rather to irreversible diseases. She claimed that the majority of her coworkers that are similar to her start a business but fail.

She also stated in the video that after repentance, she assumed things would be simple for her, but she was mistaken. She indicated that she intended to commit herself by jumping from the top of a building, but that God intervened and saved her. Please, God, forgive me for introducing young girls to wealthy guys for the purpose of sex. She knelt and prayed to her heavenly father.

Because of where the money comes from, we fail. She finished by saying that she used to be known as the slay queen, but that the Lord has changed her story now. God be praised.

Watch the video here

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