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Video: Man Receives Hot Slaps After Stealing A Goat To Celebrate Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival celebrated by Muslims to mack the end of their fasting. During this celebration, a lot of activities take place. Some of such activities include: arm giving, cooking and sharing of food, slaughtering of animals and sharing among relatives and the needy. The end of it all is a jam to exhibit their joy. During the Eid on 20th July 2021, a man received more than 25 hot slaps for stealing a goat. This how it happened.

In the video, the man was Sean carrying a goat on his shoulder. Following him are big and strong men with broad and heavy palms. Their aim for following him was to catch and deal with him for the theft.

After a few moment, they got closer and grabbed him with the goat. He was surprised, so he became speechless in the process. He did know what to do or say. He was helpless. Before he opened his mouth to apologize, the first slap had landed on his left cheek. He wanted to turn to see the one who did and but his right cheek also met another one.

In fact, they have dealt with him severely in this Eid. Not all can be stated. So the video is here for your kind confirmation.

Below is the video in which the man recipe slaps for stealing a goat to celebrate Eid.

Content created and supplied by: Ikefunny (via Opera News )

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