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Man Accused Of Insulting The Prophet Muhammad, See What Moslem Youth Did To Him.

We live in a world with people coming from a different religious background. Everyone belonging to a particular religion believes his is the right one leading to an eternal life after death.

Talle Mai Ruwa is a middle age man from Bauchi state region of Sade in Darazo. He was allegedly accused of insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

Talle after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, according to sources, he was sent to one the Islamic scholars in the community where he was interviewed. He was judged guilty after the interview and sentenced to death. He was covered with car tyres and was set ablaze.

Per information reaching the media, the youths of the community helped to raise funds to buy fuel and tyres to help set Talle ablaze all in the name of defending their religion.

According to some of the residents, Talle Mai Ruwa was being held in a police cell where the angry Muslim youth dragged him out and later burnt him.

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Bauchi Islam Muhammad Talle Talle Mai Ruwa


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