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Before Stepping Out This Friday (02/07/2021), Pray with this Powerful Prayer and See God working

Prayer is my spiritual food, your spiritual food and our spiritual food. Man's life without prayer is Zero. You need to have a daily conversation with your creator; God the almighty one.

We're alive today not by our strength nor by might. We've come far by his grace and mercy. For prosperity and good life, the Lord has already laid them for us. It's just our turn to pray and claim them.

Today is Friday, the second day in the seventh month and the fifth day in the week. A lot of activities will be held today, whiles some are enjoying others too will be mourning for their beloved.

If you want to have a complete enjoyment in today's appointed mission, you need to pray and commit all your activities into God's hand.

God is ready and wanting you to have a conversation with him today, to open up locked gates for you.

Now let's Pray

1. Pray and thank God for all that he has done for you. Including the gift of life and protection.

2. Pray and thank God for waking you up today, he's worthy of praise.

3. Pray and ask for divine forgiveness of sin from the Lord.

4. Pray and ask for the Lord's spirit to be with you this day, guide and direct all your paths.

5. Pray and commit yourself, family, friends and loved ones into God's hand.

6. Pray and commit your Job, school and any business arena into God's hand.

7. Pray and commit this day, Friday into God's hand. We know nothing in today, it's only God.

8. Pray and ask God to grant you his divine power to be able to walk in this day.

9. Pray and thank God for listening to your prayers.

10. Say a big Amen, if you really prayed with me.

Remember to do good in this day, do away with all things that will block you from experiencing better miracles from the Lord.

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