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Building A Cathedral Looks Like Investing In A Video Deck When Everyone Is Watching Netflix

Vice President at IMANI Center for Policy and Education, Selorm Branttie has asserted that building a Cathedral in this era looks like investing in a video deck when everyone is watching Netflix. He argued that things are evolving and going digital and so is Christianity.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, 29th June 2022, he wrote;

"Kodak in 1998 didn't believe digital cameras were a thing. By 2004 they were literally defunct. Post offices are now having to remodel their services because most kids born after 1990 don't know how to post a letter.

Around 65% of adult Ghanaians do not know how to use a video deck because it was never used in their lifetime."

He argued that The same percentage of Ghanaians don't know how to use, clean or light a hurricane lamp. Similarly, about 80% of Ghanaians below 35 don't know how to use a kerosene stove.

After covid, churches are changing. In Europe, churches are being converted into sanctuaries for feeding the poor homeless and elderly, and quite a few historic churches have had to convert their use for different things. He said.

In Africa, and in Ghana, Christianity is still a very vibrant growing and dominant religion. However, recent trends point to a key change.

Selorm added that Movements are slowly replacing churches. Mogpa was one, Jericho hour was another. Obinims crusades and obofuors rallies are another. Beento complex at Awoshie was a multipurpose for rent miracle center.

He revealed that Alpha hour is the next stage and the watershed of the transition into digital church. The new wave of Christians will be more virtual than physical. They will evangelize via tweets, like the famous JESUS Meme started by the Nigerian Gospel musician. Stickers, banners and anointing oil will be replaced with memes and NFTs, and in future, maybe a Christian crypto token that will be used for anything from church fundraising to paying for prayer slots.

"Building a national cathedral therefore looks just like investing in a video deck when everyone is either watching Netflix. Or using some other video on demand in HD, 4K and 8k and streaming content on all devices and yet spending billions on a giant video deck and a pack of beta max cassettes which will be stored in a room with a leaking roof.

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