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Church of Pentecost to plant one million Trees all across Ghana.

Categorically, we inhale Oxygen and exhale carbon-dioxide, which is what plants breathe in in exchange for oxygen.In a nutshell, every animal specie on the planet earth depends on plants for the natural air we breathe.Contamination of the air we breathe in is inevitable in an industrial and commercial area, most especially in countries like Ghana that cut trees for fuel.

The Church of Pentecost has anchored another philanthropic humanitarian rush to ease the lives of Ghanaians by planting one million (1 000 000) trees.

In a pinned tweet dated 18th May, 2020 on their official twitter handle is a schedule on how the exercise will take effect.The four days planting exercise will commence on 29th May for the first day, 5th June on the second, 11th June as the third and finally 12th June.

The Church is entreating Ghanaians in helping her achieve this goal of planting trees all across the nation under the church's theme "My Environment, My Responsibility."

"The exercise will be organised together with the Ministry of Forestry..."Says the church.

One may ask what is so spectacular about the planting of trees.Trees tend to provide a calm environment that can reduce stress, trees planted by the road side helps ease the stress of traffic jam, trees also provide shelter and food for other animals, to name a few.

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