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Make Your Wishes Come True With These Powerful Affirmations

Although the affirmations with which we work to attract our desires are something personal, adapted to our circumstances and needs, a guide never hurts. To practice the power of affirmations , start by identifying the first area you want to work on, and then choose the affirmation that you feel best applies to your situation. There are many ways to manifest with affirmations.

You can reserve a special space and time of day to repeat them, or write them down on paper at any quiet time. You can also use the time in your car on the way to school or work to instead of listening to the radio or talking on the phone to repeat your affirmations over and over again. Here is a list of affirmations that you can adapt to your situation.

Affirmations for spiritual growth:

• I find and respect my purpose in this life

• I am an agent of light wherever I go

• I open my mind and soul to every divine message

• I accept divinity in me

• I am love, I am light, I am peace

• I accept my spiritual path

• I am with God and God is with me

• Divine love expresses itself through me

• I am a divine expression of love and peace

• My life is full of joy and tranquility

• I breathe and live peace and love

• Love is the force that drives my every action and thought

• My first reaction to any conflict situation is love and understanding

• I put all resentment aside, and I forgive and forget

Affirmations for prosperity:

• My life is full of blessings

• I recognize every opportunity and accept it in my life

• My talents are easily expressed

• Every day I am more and more prosperous

• God / The universe provides me with everything I need

• My wishes come true in the most convenient way for everyone involved

• Money flows to me with ease

• I am a prosperity magnet

• All my needs are always covered

• In my life there are always plenty of resources

• Thank you for all the prosperity in my life

• I enjoy every day of my wonderful work that brings me a lot of abundance

• I am prosperity

• Money and prosperity flow freely in my life

• I am successful in everything I do

• My days are filled with blessings every minute

Health claims:

• My body works at its best all the time

• I am health, I am life

• Every cell in my body vibrates with life and pure energy

• My body is balance and harmony

• I love my body and respect it

• My body is wise and it works optimally

• I am pure energy

• Life circulates through my veins and heals my body

• My mind is wise and my body is life

• I create my reality of health and life

• I take care of my body with every action

• My body rejects any symptoms of disease

• I am totally healthy

• I understand the messages of my body and turn them into health

• My life is health and power

Affirmations for protection:

• I am strength and power

• I am light

• I walk with God and nothing affects me

• In my life I choose the positive

• I overcome every challenge easily

• I am a magnet of good things

• My light attracts powerful allies

• My light shield protects me from what dark and negative

• I am always protected and safe

• The divinity in me protects me from any danger

• Everything works out for me

• God with me, no one against me

Affirmations for love and relationships:

• I am love

• I am appreciated and loved

• I attract love and peace in my relationships

• I love and I am loved

• I accept love in my life

• I am a message of love wherever I go

• My words take care of and protect my loved ones

• My relationships they are full of respect, understanding and love

• Everyone who knows me respects and accepts me

• My relationships fill me with joy and tranquility

• My love destroys all conflicts and problems in my relationships

• All the support and love I need is with me reach at all times

• I am always accompanied by loving and understanding beings

• I deserve love and attract it into my life

• I am attractive and pleasant

Affirmations for every day:

• Today is a great day

• Today I start my day attracting love, peace and fortune

• Thank you for another day of life

• From this moment my day is perfect

• I create my reality

• This day is full of happiness and good fortune

Affirmations are often more effective if we accompany them with the power of visualization and meditation , but the most important thing is to have faith that we are sending the message to the universe ... and the result is already on its way, and in the most important way. convenient for us and everyone involved.

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