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Man Sadly Recalls Why He Is Unable To Have Intimacy With His Wife After His Leg Got Swollen

A 49 years old man by the name of Kwadwo Azuro a resident of Juaben in the Ashanti region of Ghana painfully narrates why he is unable to have intimacy with his wedded wife after his leg got swollen years ago. The man said he is a farmer who worked hard on his large rice farm together with his wife. They all depends on the money they got from selling their farm products. Kwadwo went on saying that life was going on well with them throughout those years.

Seven years ago, his leg suddenly got swollen when he went to his farm to cultivate rice. The pain he was going through was too much for him so he stopped working and went back home. He got a suspicion about the problem he was facing which made him to consult a pastor for help. The man of God revealed to him that two men from his family envy him because of his hardwork and they have used Juju on him to prevent him from going to his farm again.

The man of God took Ghc300 from him and gave him some medicine to apply it on his swollen leg still he keeps experiencing pains whenever he goes to the farm. He again seek assistance from a fetish priest days later, the fetish priest reported that those two men succeeded in using Juju On him a long time ago which has affected his leg and feet but there is nothing he can do to help him.

Kwadwo he began to have bad dreams of sleeping with an unidentified woman, and since that day he his performance in bed declined. He couldn't last longer periods in bed with his wife as he used to be. He tried to seek for both medical and herbal treatment for him to be strong again but all his efforts were in vain. It got to a time that his private parts could no longer function again. He was unable to have sexual encounter with his partner which has become a big problem for him. The man is seeking help from the public to get well again and start working to support his family.

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