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Look at what the Vodu Korku members can do when possessed by the spirit

In fact, tradition is still tradition, the 'Vodu Korku' traditional religious group has done it again.

The 'Vodu Korku' is a powerful god that can use his believers to perform miracles when the spirit of the 'Vodu Korku' entered them.

The spirit possessed the young guy to use a sharp Cutlass to pinched his eye.

When the spirit descended on the members of the 'Vodu Korku' they performed the following wonders most a times:

1. The possessed members can bath an oil on fire without feeling anything.

2. The possessed members can turn a stone into a hot oven bread.

3. The possessed members can turn a leave into money.

4. The possessed members can command an egg to suspend in the air.

5. The possessed members can chew a sharp blade and swallow it.

6. The possessed members can place their hands into a burning fire.

All this happened at Dagbamate during the APETORKU traditional religious festival celebration.

Each and every year the APETORKU Shrine invite more than three different traditional religious groups to celebrate with them. Some of the groups invited during the last celebration were: The 'Yewe' group,the 'Brekete' group, the 'Gago' group etc.

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