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Did Eve Get Her Sinful Nature From Adam?

Eve was the first sinner, excluding angels who became demons. Eve got her sinful nature from listening to a snake, eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam was just a relatively innocent victim of Eve’s sin. It’s possible Adam also knew what was going on, but realized that Eve would now die within a thousand years, while Adam would live on alone if he didn’t also sin as well, so he ate of the Tree of Knowledge knowing he would die, but he’d diet with Eve. Why live on when your wife dies? Some spouses die nearly simultaneously with their spouse. Life isn’t worth living after that.

But that’s all a male blame game, making the male the suffering victim of the evil female. Yet that seems to be the whole Old Testament, making males the heroes, and females the evil witches. Except for Judges where Deborah is the heroine, the ruler of all Israel, without whom males will not go into battle without. Eve is unusual though. Her name is Chavah in Hebrew, which is nearly the same as the name of God, Yahvah. Written in Hebrew they look nearly identical. Also they are from the same root word of existence, the verb to be. Eve means Mother of all living. God’s name Yahvah is sometimes translated as The Eternal or a word that captures 3 tenses in 1, past, present and future.

Eve was taken from Adam’s rib, but that’s where the heart is. In the Bible, the heart rules. Eve was the ruler. Not Adam. Adam named Eve, but Adam was just “naming” by saying, recognizing the essence of a person and of the woman he saw. That’s how Bible names were. Eve was Adam’s helpmate, but “help” in the Bible is reserved for God, as when David says God is my help or ezer. The Snake or Satan had to go through Eve as she was in charge, Adam secondary. Eve ran the household. God showed Adam all the “beasts” of the field, but didn’t find a mate among other humans. So God gave Adam a divine mate, as God knew Adam needed help and direction. Adam means reddish as in clay or the earth. Adam was an earth being, Even was heavenly. When Eve sinned, Adam really had no choice, he was her subordinate. So, in some sense, Adam could claim some duress defense, just following orders argument. It didn’t work for Nazis and it won’t work for male Adams either.

Either way, neither Eve nor Adam had a sinful nature. They both were punished with death, and a few other curses. Eve experienced pain in childbirth and became subordinate to Adam. Adam encountered thorns and thistles in his work. He had to work to support Eve with painful work. Prior to the Fall, Adam’s work was joyful, and the natural order was Adam obeyed Eve. It was a curse for Eve to obey Adam, a very unnatural state. You can view Genesis in a feminist perspective without bringing in an unBiblical Lilith. Jesus then ended the Genesis Fall curses. Freeing the captives, freeing women from male rule, ending painful childbirth with modern medicine, and making work far less painful, except for parts of the world that still have slavery, but that’s slowly ending. Paul was not always accurate when he blamed Adam for the Fall. Paul also erased all the women and Mary as the 1st witness to the Resurrection, as if Peter were 1st. Women were last at the occupied tomb, first at the unoccupied tomb, while men deserted, denied, doubted Jesus.

Best argument for the New Testament is Jesus’ recognition of women as equal, even superior, in an era where everyone considered women inferior. The original Adam before the rib operation, was both male & female, a hermaphrodite or transsexual. A union of divine & human, similar to Jesus, both God & human. Jesus is considered the 2nd Adam. So in Genesis God cuts Adam in half, dividing the divine from human. The post transsexual Adam is the human part, while Eve is the divine part. Symbolizing the separation of God from humans.

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