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People Are So Wicked. I Was His Junior Pastor But He Still Slept With My Wife- Fiction

I was the partner of this pastor. We serve in a church in my hometown and he found himself in a bad corner and was begging me not to harm him after I caught him sleeping with my wife. In fact, I was so angry that I threatened to cut off the his thing.

"My brother do not take revenge. Please have mercy on me and I will not come back. This is a satanic temptation," the pastor continued begging me. I was hearing rumors that my senior pastor, who was highly respected in the whole village, had for some being walking with my wife, despite the relationship between us and some warnings he received from some people . 

"A man's wife is poison. Isn't he afraid of death?", one pastor was heard asking him. He did not listen to anyone. "Let him eat honey and when it turns out he will know God is ready to leave him", another pastor contributed. Last week, as was his custom, the pastor came to my house and parked his car and entered my house. A colleague pastor who lived in my neighborhood called me to come home. 

When I was informed that a surprise awaits me, I quickly got home and rushed to the bedroom where he found the senior pastor sipping my wife's honey. With extreme anger, I took off my jacket and then threw the pastor against the wall and started whipping him with a whip that ripped the skin off his back badly. "You are also a pastor and these are the things we can talk about", he pleaded. "I don't need to talk to you. 

How can you do this to me", I asked as I threw punches and heavy kicks at him. Neighbors had to intervene and remove the pastor from my hands. However, after the incident the we met and discussed and resolved the words.

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