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When Jesus took me to Heaven, He praised me for not putting on wigs and not doing make-ups anymore

A sister in Christ has described how the Lord took her spirit to Heaven for some insights. She spoke about how the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ appeared to her with two angels. When He stretched his arms towards her, her spirit left her body. She narrated how they ascended till they reached Heaven itself.

In heaven, they walked to a certain beautiful garden. Whilst relaxing, Jesus sat her down and showed her her bad attitude towards her husband. Jesus was not happy with her because she used to deny her husband sex. In case she had died earlier, Jesus emphasized on how she would have ended up in Hell for denying her husband sex often.  

She narrated how her husband was such a gentleman in the Lord. Whenever there was an argument, she spoke many words while her husband spoke very few words. She continued I use to wear Make-Up, Weave-on etc. But after I listened to the testimony of Heaven and Hell by Michael Sambo, I took them off.

She recounted how Jesus praised her for not using those items anymore but scolded her attitude towards her husband that would have landed her in hell. In describing how she saw Jesus, she said Jesus is tall like a giant. I was like an ant before him, and whenever He held my hand, I couldn't get hold of his entire hand because His palms were too big.

Afterwards, she saw something interesting and asked Jesus without hesitation as to why it was so. She said I saw people riding horses in Heaven, so I asked the Lord who these people were? Then He said, these are my children who loved to ride horse while they were on earth. Now when anybody dies and comes to Heaven, I allow them to do activities they loved doing on earth. 

Heaven’s beauty was above words. She defined how no earthly vocabulary was fit to describe the beauty of heaven. Whenever she saw an angel, she admired their beauty and thought it within herself that she wishes she was also an angel. 

Immediately she had that thought in herself, Jesus knew about it and said why are you admiring the angels? Don’t you know that these angels want to be like you? I did not give them their free will. If I tell them go, they go. If I tell them not to do this, they obey. But for you humans, I gave you free will to choose between good and evil.

After that, she described how she saw some beautiful Mansions in Heaven. The buildings looked so magnificent that she said unto the Lord who these Mansions belong to? The Lord replied these Mansions belong to those who are into Evangelism. These are people who use their money and time to do the work of God. They use their monies to make print-outs for evangelism.

Finally, she revealed how Jesus took her to a room in Heaven where she saw various forms of dangerous weapons. Jesus explained to her that those weapons are preserved for the battle of Armageddon. He then showed her angel Michael. 

In describing how Angel Michael looks like, she said angel Michael is very tall, he's like 70feet tall. In fact, he is as tall as those electric Poles on the street. Somewhere along the line, angel Michael displayed authority by opening and spreading his wings. She continued one of his wings can cover thousands of people. When he opened his wings, I saw dangerous weapons stuffed in it.

Dear reader, heaven is the place we all have to strive to go. It is a land full of Joy and perfection. Let us give heed to divine revelations and continue to call on the Name of our Master and Lord Jesus to be saved. We shall meet in Heaven. Please share, share, share this message.

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