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'Aimless' People, do you know the money Akuffo-Addo's daughters have in their account? - Kumchacha

Speaking in a live interview with Kofi TV, renowned pastor, Kumchacha sends a word of wisdom to some people. According to Kumchacha, people especially the youth should not waste their time trying to defend and 'fight' for politicians because politicians do not care about them. Kumchacha also makes mention that you will never see the daughters of Akuffo-Addo defending their father when people 'insult' him even though they have the money and 'connections'.

'It is only the jobless and 'aimless' youth who have nothing in their bank account that will stand up to defend Akuffo-Addo's government and waste their time. 'Aimless' people(jobless youth), do you know the amount of money Akuffo-Addo's daughters have in their bank account yet they do not mingle in their father's politics. The youth needs to be wise because a lot of them have no one to defend them if they should fall into trouble. Akuffo-Addo's daughters are busily enjoying life whiles you are disgracing yourself', Kumchacha tells the youth.

According to Kumchacha, the youth needs to focus on making their finances stable so they they do not end up being 'aimless' in this country. If you can observe very well, it is only those from poor homes that usually risk their 'lives' for politicians. I hope the youth takes my advice so that they can end up being useful in the society, says Kumchacha.

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