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You Loving and Embracing this wild fire of the Holy Spirit, is Your Best Option.

Beloved of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Power we have in serving the Lord Our God is the fire of the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

If there is any other way of operating in any power, then that power is false. The Lord Our God has poured His Spirit upon all flesh.

The Bible according to the Book of Isaiah chapter 61. From the verse 1, Jesus Christ has revealed the soul and source of His power point for us by Praying that the spirit of God is upon Him.

Which means that as you can pray without season, you will end up getting into the hands of the Holy Spirit of God. Who will now lead you in to the world of God. And to teach you the way, the truth and everything you need to know about God. Moreover, the Holy Spirit will provide comfort, peace, sound mind, joy and happiness for your life in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ as you continue to Pray.

Laziness has gotten many people to end up in the hands of satan instead of being very serious about Prayer and Pray without Season. You can only get the Holy Spirit of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ by continuing in Prayer. But if refuse to be Praying, the next step you will take is to be leaving Jesus Christ and be going to other gods just as many are doing. Everybody who pray, always have a Special touch of beautiful beliefs in Jesus Christ that all will be well. And he or she shall relax and be rejoicing, and looking forward for the happening of the expectation.

But the prayer less person will rather be on Harry for quick results of things from God. And if it does happen as expected, the they go to satan instead of waiting and continuing in prayer. Be Prayerful and be patient and be friends with the Holy Spirit of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Bless You.

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