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Exclusive; Why Muslim Girls Are Prohibited From Visiting Their Boyfriends In The Month Of Ramadan.

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The month of Ramadan is regarded as the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. When the month of Ramadan is approaching, Muslims all over the world prepares themselves to engage in a 29 or 30 days fasting.

When the fasting commends, Muslims are expected to surrender themselves to the almighty Allah and desist from all kinds of bad deeds and behaviours they use to do. Again, Muslims are advised to distance themselves away from their intimate partners. Many may have found this wanting. The reason for this is that, during a fasting, if partners mistakenly or willingly have an intercourse, the punishment for this act is that, they will both fast an additional 60 days after the 30 days fasting is over. Note that the 60 days fasting should be done in 60 consecutive days without a break.

Even if one fasts for 59 days and miss the next day, the whole 59 days will be in vain. Failure to do so will attract the wrath of the almighty Allah to fall on you. For this reason, girls are not allowed to visit their boyfriends in the month of fasting because the possibility of the two sitting idle without touching each other is very low, and when you touch each other it will gradually lead to playing romance and finally ends with intercourse. Note also, touching or romancing your partner will spoil your fasting for that day. So the better you abstain.

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