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How to Experience The love of God no matter your level of Sin.

How should we accept the following benediction, ''the love of God be with you all"? Have we become so hardened that we can hear about the love of God without being moved or having a contrite heart? Almost any Christian today can quote John 3:16, yet only the letters remain, the life in them having been forgotten.

There are several kinds of love, including the parental love for children of one's own flesh and blood, the love that longs for and yearns after the opposite sex, and the fraternal love which gives us joy when we fellowship with dear friends. But human love can by no means be compared to the love of God. Parental love is limited to children. The love between the sexes is self-centered. Even the love between friends will falter if one never receives anything in return for care and concern. But the love of God is different.

Divine love in the Greek language refers to a love that wholly sacrifices itself for the object of its love, realizing the precious value of it. For example, man and woman betrayed God and fell into deep sin resulting in an abominable life, which ultimately led to eternal destruction. In spite of this betrayal, God lovingly sacrificed Himself on Calvary to save mankind. Why? Because each individual soul is priceless to Him. This is divine love!

Though in a fallen state of sin, mankind possesses the image of God and we can become noble creatures if we receive the grace of redemption.

God is love and His love is true love. He loved the sinners of this world so much that He didn't even spare His only Son, but made Him a sacrifice for our sins. Is it not true love that He loved even us who are fallen in sin? Paul was probably moved to tears when he wrote of the love of God, but why have we become so cold?

How can our faith be restored so that we can be deeply moved by the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God? Where is the path to restoration? Indeed, there is a way to full restoration. There is an answer to the cry of our spirits, and it is found in the communion of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit pours all grace and love into our spirits through His communion with us.

May you receive God’s love now Amen.

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Christian John


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