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I Have Destroyed Satan With This Hammer God Gave-Pastor Told Members.

The world is becoming somehow mostly in AFRICA. People are really blinded by religion nowadays especially here in Ghana and seem not think of the actions and words that come from the so called men of God.

Right here in Ghana, we have heard of a lot things said by men of God in this country and some of them to some us are seen as false prophecies or sayings. We have been hearing pastors asking church members to come with canes or boxing gloves all in the name of go to battle with the devil.

Anything that comes from these so called men of God are taken in with no analysis or whatsoever. They see these people to be saints and therefore cannot lie.

Why am I saying this? A pastor once said that he has destroyed Satan by smashing his head with a huge hammer he was holding during a gathering in his church(I think he was high on drugs).This so called man of God from the Devine Ministries said that he through the help of God the almighty has killed satan with the Holy hammer God gave him.

This is so crazy to believe. However, two members of the church after the sermon revealed that they could now do whatever and sleep in peace since there is no longer a devil to punish them.

But how can a sane person say or even think of such a thing? Are they okay in the head? Are they being stupid or you think they are blinded by religion.

If the devil truly could be destroyed by human beings do they think he might’ve lived all those years for them to come and kill him? People are just not thinking.

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