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The bright and dark points of life

Man's life is a mixture of pain and comfort. Each one of these two states absorbs a portion of life in this world. Every individual faces his share of experiences and becomes a victim of pain and comfort from the problems and disasters of life. It is according to this bitter fact that man's life fluctuates between pain and ease. We, as humans, cannot change this eternal law that rules our lives to subject it to our desires.Yet, after we come to realize the deep meaning of this life, we can direct our vision towards the beautiful side of existence and cast away the ugly entities which tarnish the fact of life in this vast universe; this universe that is filled with amazement of creation and precision of wisdom; which it tells us that every creature exists with an aim for which has been created. On the other hand, we can ignore or forget the bright points in the universe and concentrate on the gloomy spots.

Finally, it is up to every individual to choose the direction of his thinking. Hence, choosing the colour and view of life he wishes to experience. It is incumbent on us to prepare ourselves to face and choose that which is appropriate for us to avoid disadvantageous factors so that we do not lose the ability of self-control. Otherwise, we may face irreplaceable losses or even fall victim to the typhoons of misfortune.

Many of us imagine that had the sequence of events in our lives been different, we might have been happy people. These people's problems are not related to the events of their lives, but to the methods in which they deal with them. It is possible for us to change the influence of such events, or even transform some of their effects into useful ones.A famous thinker wrote: Our thoughts always operate in the domain of hate and dissatisfaction, so we always complain and cry. The reason behind this crying is in our consciences. We are built in such a manner that our existence feeds on that which is not appropriate for our souls or spirits. Every day we wish and hope for new things, or perhaps we do not know what we want. Yet, we believe that others have acquired happiness so we envy them while we suffer. We are like misbehaving children who invent new excuses and start weeping.

Our souls suffer from their weeping and we do not relax until we make them understand the facts and abandon what they falsely imagine and their unruly wants. These children, because of their numerous desires. become blind to everything but miseries. We must open our eyes to the good side of life. We must make them understand that none but those who open their eyes to the garden of life can cultivate its flowers and roses Those blind ones will obtain nothing but thorns.If we can pass the borders of depression and pessimism and examine the facts, we find that even in these times, which have fallen in a deep horrifying pit, there are exits everywhere with roses and flowers in the garden of life that call the sights of onlookers to themselves at all times. Thought has a deep effect on man's happiness. The only effective factor in man's happiness is his ability to think and reason.

An unprecedented incident is unbearable and destructive in the eyes of the pessimist, while in the viewpoint of the optimist, who positively sees things, such incidents do not lead to submission nor do they cause a person to lose his sense of resistance under any condition. Optimists never abandon the borders of modesty, restraint and patience. Those who condition themselves to think that the axis of evil surrounds them will only live a painful, gloomy and uncomfortable life.

They will, in effect, lose many of their powers and abilities as a result of their exaggerated sensitivity and drown themselves in fatal ignorance of the blessings and good things of the world. According to one scholar: The world reacts to man exactly as man deals with the world.Thus, if you laugh at the world, it will laugh with you. If you look at the world gloomily, it will appear gloomy. If you meditate on the world, it will count you among the mediators, and if you are merciful and truthful, you will find people around you who will love you and open the treasures of love and respect of their hearts to you.

Despite the bitter appearance of pain, it produces special fruit for the mind and soul. Man's spiritual abilities become more clearly manifested in the darkness of pain. Reason and human spirit evolve in the folds of continuous sacrifices and assertive the peak of human perfection. 

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