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Evangelist Nana Agradaa Saga: Ghanians Never Learn

It comes as no surprise to some of us that Nana Agradaa thinks she can get away with this new trick, after all, it has been said that Ghanaians have short memories. I heard the name Nana Agradaa about a year before I first watched her on television. I heard about how 'powerful' she is and how she multiplied the wealth of all those who visited her shrine. I was intrigued by those stories and interested in finding out how she does all they said she did.

The first time I saw her was on Thunder TV. The channel was showing a documentary-like advert of her shrine and her famous money doubling ritual she called ' Sika Gari'. I sat attentively as they showed people sitting at the doorstep of her shrine waiting for their turn to meet the 'great' Nana Agradaa whom they believed would change their faith for good.

The broadcast showed people going in and out of her shrine to receive their 'Sika Gari'. The visitors went into the shrine with an empty 'Ghana Must Go Bag' and came out with the bag filled to the brim with cash. They were required to present a cash token to Agradaa which she placed in front of her gods and asked them to multiply that amount in many folds.

The whole process seemed outlandish to me and it had me asking a few questions. Why would she ask you to present money to her gods if you came to her shrine because you want money? What was she to gain from helping all these people become rich? Was the money presented hers to keep or it belonged to the gods?

I wonder why the Ghanaians who patronized her never asked themselves these questions. Well, she says she's now an Evangelist and sadly I know some Ghanaians believe her. However, it is obvious that she is looking for another dubious way to make money and where else do you go when you want to be rich in Ghana these days? The church. Let's watch and see how the rest of her story unfolds.

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