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Astrology Divination


Do you know that per the bible, every newborn baby holds a scroll of his destiny in his palms?

The destiny of a person begins at birth up to his or her demise on earth. At birth an angel of God is sent to write down the record of the newly born child including the name, father's name and place of birth (Luke 2:7-52).The angel will take the records back to heaven after the eighth day when the Naming and Dedication ceremony have been performed. A new file will be open in heaven to record the person's good and bad deeds when he begins to discern right from wrong. Thereafter a guardian angel will be sent to keep watch over the soul of the newly born baby. In the same way, the devil also sends a demonic angel to the home of every newborn baby to write down the particulars of the new born child. This record will be sent to hell to open a file and to assign demons to entice the child to begin to sin against God as he grows. This means that two opposing forces fight over the soul of every newborn person until his or her last breath.

One divine reality is that, before a child opens the womb of his mother, God places a scroll of his destiny on earth in his two hands (Proverbs 3:16). The blessings in his left hands and the age in his right hand. This scroll of destiny is a seal of paper containing all the details of the person that is born. As he grows, the person will begin to see his destiny in dreams day by day.

But there are destiny destroyers whose keen interest is to tamper with the God-given destiny of people on earth. These destroyers belong to the kingdom of darkness and they include all satanic agents who work for the devil. For example if a person's God-given age is 100 years. This age can be decreased to 50 and the rest taken by the devil to serve his purpose on earth. Again, if a person's blessings has been programmed in America according to the scroll, the destiny destroyers can manipulate him to remain in a country other than America. This will prevent the fulfilment of his or her destiny.

But if the parents of the newly born baby are prayerful people, it will be very difficult for the devil to tamper with the divine destiny of that child.

When the child grows to adulthood, his or her destiny could still be delayed or changed by the destroyers if the person falls into their traps. That is why so many people are living unfulfilled lives. Their actual blessings have been manipulated by demonic forces.

After the demise of the person, the guardian angels will present their reports to their masters. If he made it to heaven, that particular guardian angel will be welcomed with great celebration for guarding that soul into eternal life. But if he dies as a sinner, the demonic angel will transport his soul to hell until the final judgement.

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