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Be Careful Of These During Funeral Attendance.

Funerals are occasions during which rites are performed to usher the dead into the spiritual world. This is no universal funeral ceremony. However, some aspects of funerals can cut across different societies and cultures. These includes mourning and burial which is done in every culture.

Upon the death of a person, burial is done immediately or the body is deposited at the mortuary. Then one week anniversary is observed. It is during this occasion that the family members meet to discuss and plan the main funeral. Areas of concern that family members discuss are how to finance the funeral, how to feed people who will be attending the funeral, the date for the funeral etc.

Funerals have so many advantages ranging from finance to emotional.

Firstly, funerals help love ones to console the bereaved family. Family and non-family members gather to mourn with the bereaved family.

Also, funerals help to raise funds to offset debt incurred during the dead person's sickness and also to take care of the family behind.

It is incumbent on every person to attend funerals. It is a social responsibility that is to be fulfilled by every social being. One should however be very careful during funerals.

1. Drunkenness: a person in funeral attendance should make it a point not to taste alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are major drinks served during funerals. People who drink to stupor face the likelihood of accidents, disgrace etc.

2. Eating: Food is served during funerals as a form of funeral reception. People should however be very careful with the public food. It is during funerals that enemies get the opportunity to attack their enemies. In addition, most foods are not usually prepared under hygienic conditions since it is prepared by many hands.

3. Theft: Each an every individual in a public gathering has a peculiar reason for being there. Whiles the reason for being in a funeral gathering should be to mourn with the family, few others come around with negative motives. Such motives include to steal from others. Items of target usually include mobile phones, money and other personal belongings.

4. During gatherings especially funeral ones, a person should be very careful of his or her temper. Drunk individuals can easily provoke you such that if care is not taken, one cannot stand the temptation of loosing ones anger.


By: jmahama.

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