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Are you having terrible dreams? Do this exactly when you wake up

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Dreams are stories, images and happenings our minds create while we sleep and also an avenue for the Supreme Being to communicate or reveal to us what lies ahead. A Christian who does not dream while sleeping should check his religious life.

They can be very disturbing, weird, terrible, entertaining, romantic, fun, frightening and sometimes bizarre. It mostly take place between 5 to 25 minutes according to a research done by scientists. As a Christian, if you have terrible dreams don't worry, follow the steps outlined in this article.

For instance, in your dream, you saw someone chasing you with a cutlass and managed to run ahead of the faceless fellow.

1. As soon as you wake up from the dream, don't speak to anybody but begin to pray silently.

2. Head to the washroom and use the toilet seat as you continue in prayer without opening your mouth.

3. Free your bowels completely. As you sit on the closet, pray against your attackers silently until you are done.

4. Wipe your asshole with a tissue and dump it in the bin. All this should be done while praying against the attackers.

5. Spit three times on your faecal waste and flash it out all still in prayer.

Thank God for fighting against your attackers with this divine direction.

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