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How To Use Salt To Break Spiritual Marriages And Avoid Bad Spirits From Sleeping With You At Night.

Welcome today too my cherished followers to this platform.Today, we are going to take a gander at how to deal with spiritual Marriages. Spiritual Marriage is such an evil act that any man or woman can get into. Great many people are not able to get married because of Spiritual marriages. When you are engaged into spiritual marriage, always Spirits will have an affaire with you in the night whiles you are asleep and in the morning you can see that you have messed up with yourself.

If you happens to be part of such individuals thank God because after today your concern will be tackled. Am going to teach you how to use stone salt to deal with this spiritual marriage and also bad spirits having an affaire with you in the evening.

A great many people don't have confidence in direction yet one thing that we should take note of is, God has enabled men and all his creation so there is power in the creation of God. So its up to us to make great use of them.

Now lets get everything rolling.

Get yourself a full cup of a stony salt, fetch water into a bucket make sure the water is full in he bucket. Now you can put your stony salt into the water and stair it till they all dissolve. Recall that all these directions ought to be finished in the evening around 10:00 pm, after everything put the salted water at a place that is safe for you and use a clean towel to cover it. Wake up around 12:00 am midnight and bath with the water and make sure you doesn't add soap and wipe to it when bathing. Simply use the water to wash your self. whiles washing your self simply pray and let God know that he ought to cleanse you from any spiritual marriage. After everything come and rest in peace and will say farewell to spiritual Marriage.

Lets pray this prayer together,

Dear father, we pray against any spiritual marriage we pray that as even we practice this direction, you will help us out of any spiritual issue. Amen

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