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Eastwood Anaba: I saw some people running away from God on that Day - Fearful Revelation (Video)

Pastor Eastwood Anaba of Fountain Gate Ministries has given a chilling account of a vision he encountered when God made him see how the Judgment will be like. He gave out this message when he visited another church outside the country.

He said the Lord showed him a vision some months ago. In the vision, he saw a Man sitting on the Throne. He continued ‘the Man's face was so Glorious, so Captivating and so Powerful that some people were running away from Him.'

He continued 'I stood there with my wife and I saw Pastors and congregations and some great ministers of God in Ghana and all over the world, all standing in front of the Throne.’

It is not surprising that great pastors were even running away from Him because the Bible has taught us that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Most High God. He narrated how the Man sat on the Throne because it was time for judgement.

He continued ‘I stood there with my church members at the same place. Then, the Man started calling peoples' names. When He called you, there was no argument or debate.'

He continued 'when He called you, only two words came out of His mouth: Well Done. Whenever He said Well done, a certain Supernatural force picked up and threw the person into some Light and he or she disappeared into Light.’

He further described what happened to those whose lives did not please the Lord. He continued ‘but whenever He looked at other people and didn't say well done, He just looked at them with a stern eye; and a certain Supernatural force covered them in darkness and whisked them away into everlasting darkness.’

The Light he refers to is Heaven while the darkness he refers to is Hell. Those who were whisked into Light were whisked into everlasting joy and peace while those whisked into darkness were whisked into eternal sorrow and torture.

He continued ‘as I stood there observing the judgment, the man on the Throne looked at me and said ''I have left you and your wife here so that you will what is going on. On that day, people will wait for just two words from Me: Well Done”.

He further narrated how supernatural encounters have shaped his life and ministry. He continued ‘I have received many revelations in Life but I have come to one conclusion that, the Greatest revelation I could ever hear is Well Done. The Greatest word I can ever hear is ''You are My son, and I am well pleased in you''.

The Judgement of God is a fearful one. There are just two options available after death: Heaven and Hell. You do not belong to both; you belong to one of them.

Heaven is full of joy while hell is full of unbearable torture. Jesus Christ is the only one who saves. Make a good eternal decision today against your eternal destination tomorrow.

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