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Midnight Prayers Against Witchcraft Attacks Destroying Your Life

Tonight, the hand of God is going to do a surgical operation to paralyze demonic and witchcraft manipulations over your life.

Psalm 74: 20 says, have respect unto the convenant for the dark places of the earth are full of habitations of cruelty.

The devil and his cohorts only come to steal, kill and destroy the God ordained purpose for our lives. They rest not until their attack finds us and destroys our family's, friend's and loved one's lives.

Recite the prayer below to destroy all witchcraft manipulations and attacks.

1. Lord, I offer praise to You Lord for the abundant blessings and protection you continue to offer me.

2. Lord, out of Your loving-kindness and multitude of tender mercies, pour mercy on me once more and deliver from the shackles of demonic covens and witchcraft manipulations.

3. O Lord, totally subdue every force operating, and manifesting behind constant attacks on my financies, health, education, marriage and breakthrough.

4. I decree and declare, I shall no longer be a victim of witchcraft manipulations and attacks. By fire and thunder, their plans are moot.

5. This night, every sitting or meeting concerning me and my loved ones catch fire and become fruitless.

6. My father and my God, arise and destroy every witchcraft storm programmed to hurt and force me out of my destined place of rest and glory in Jesus mighty name.

7. In the name of Jesus, I pull down by fire and thunder the stronghold of witchcraft regulating powers working against my life now.

8. Father, let Your superior storm and tempest swallow that of my enemies meant to scatter my family and friends now in Jesus name.

9. Lord, command Your stormy wind to lift away the storm of witchcraft and lift back into my family, business, career, job, education, marriage and breakthrough all that they took from us in Jesus name.

10. Abba Father, strengthen and empower me against witchcraft attacks and manipulations in Jesus name.

Thank God for an answered prayers. Share with your friends and family to destroy witchcraft attacks.

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