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Believing in possibility with God is the Best thing for every Godly person to do. Believe in Jesus

Beloved of God. You are the only witness that The Word of God according to the Bible in Mark chapter 9 verse 23. And many other Scriptures are faithful in proving that the word of God is always true and working sharply with if anyone truly does believe in God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Beloved. Whether you are in agreement with the words of God or not, but you can't dare God. The reason is always the landmarks that you have not created the land on which you are walking. The land on which you are walking and claim that there's no God, this very land is for God, and is He who allows you to live on it. And your reasons for being on His land is to serve and Worship Him in the Mighty name of His Lovely Son Jesus Christ.

DO you have any idea of how water came to existence and you are drinking and using it for anything? The trees mountains and the other things which you go to for any help or power, are all the creatures of our God. So I beseech you to stop wasting your time on time and focus only on God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ and remain beautifully free and go to Heaven as Jesus comes the second time for us.

Read the Bible in psalm chapter 1 which put it clearly to us to walk only in God. And be Holy and do unto others what we want others to do for us. Meaning that living a righteous life not only to God, but with all people.

I know that you can do it. It was that you don't know this earlier. And even if you have heard about it before, but you thought it hard to do. That's why satan has been using you against God all this while. But from now, you are free to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior and remain in Him. For satan comes not but to steal, kill, and to destroy as you claim to be it agent. But our Lord Jesus Christ come to accept you and save you and give you a great life to shine forever. Follow Jesus Christ and wait on Him. All Blessings are with Jesus and if Jesus Christ Bless you, He add to it every day and not destruction. Bless You.

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Jesus Christ Son


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