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Follow these Scriptures, if you are worrying about money.

I warmly welcome you to my page. Here's where credible info and updates pop up now and then. You are, however, expected to hit the follow button, share, like, and feel free to comment. Remember, your comments play an important role in helping us to identify your interest. Today's article is about a common disease that normally affects base on numerous reasons but this cause of the disease is not known to many people, so let's set the ball rolling.

Money is the root of everything but have you ever asked yourself how birds survive every day. Though no one lives without money and because of that people are worried about how to make money in life in the end. I tell you today that your problems are going to be solved if you take these Scriptures seriously and meditate upon the words in the scriptures.

They will strengthen you physically, and spiritually to worry not about the money because the Almighty God who created all things including you, knows what is good, and the right time to provide for you. Read the scriptures below, pray and trust God that he is the Father he all helpless people, and indeed you will see miracle in your life, Amen.

1. Proverbs 11:7.

2. Matthew 6:24-34. Teaches about God and Possession.

3. Luke 12:13-21. Teaches about the parable of the Rich Fool.

4. 1 Timothy 6:6-10. Teaches about False Teaching and True Riches.

5. Ecclesiastes 5:10-20.

For God to answer your prayers, you need to have faith in Him, Amen.

Share for others problems about money to be solved as well and if you believe comment Amen.

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