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The World Is Coming To An End; Check Out An Interesting Mystery Surrounding TB Joshua's Death.

Death is a very disturbing but inevitable part of life. Whenever great people pass on to the next spiritual stage of life, it causes great grief to nations all over the world. In the field of religion, religious leaders play a significant role in the spiritual life of all those who practice their religion. Thus, the demise of one such industrious religious leader is a demise of a culture.

When the news of the death of TB Joshua came as a rumour, it led to a general spread of fear and tension. I personally never believed it until the ministry of T.B Joshua officially announced it.

Considering the numerous miracles and wonders performed by T.B Joshua, one would wonder why such a great man could pass away easily at such an early age.

T.B Joshua died on the same month which he was born. He passed away on June which coincides with his month of birth, June. That one aside, his last message to his church members was some sort of farewell message. This message was shared by his his ministry on a Facebook page. Check it out.

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T.B Joshua


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