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How to meet God face to face on earth? (Opinion).

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Are you desiring to meet God who created the universe and all humanity? If this has been your dream, then don't worry. I will show you the way to have a personal encounter with this all powerful wise supernatural creator. He is not a cacophony of a creature who is too dangerous to see. He is a loving, welcoming father who is ready to embrace everyone of His creation in a fatherly manner. Are you ready?.

God is the source of life. All the things on earth both visible and invisible were designed by Him. This man is too powerful beyond human comprehension. No human being can fathom his wisdom and intelligence. He is endowed with too much supernatural power beyond reasoning.

One simple thing I have studied from the whole bible about this great God is His holiness and sanctification. Sin cannot stand in God's presence. The sin in such person will be consumed by the fire of His presence. So any person that harbours sin cannot see God. The sin in that person will be automatically consumed by the presence of God.

If you want to meet God face to face, then abstain from every appearance of sin and pray for forgiveness of all the sins you have committed from birth till now. God has a begotten son by name Jesus Christ. Ask this powerful son of God to cleanse you from all your sins and bring you in good standing with the Father.

After this simple exercise, then go to a solitary place like on the mountains or in your closet. Buy a holy bible and start reading it. Just read it by heart. Continue reading it. Dont stop reading it until you have read much about God.

Get ready to see God face to face. But before that, please be warned. If you are not married, don't be sleeping around with women. Don't be drinking alcohol or involve yourself in any unclean thing because God will not be attracted to your presence if your are fornicating. Start a three day fasting with all seriousness.

On the third day of your fasting, tell God that you want to see Him face to face. Read a verse of the scripture from the book of Jeremiah 33:1:3. But first asked Him for a sign. For instance, you can say God if you are here with me, let my head or feet becomes wet with water. It will happen. Don't doubt. I want to tell you today that, God is not far away from holy people.

But remember that, if you are still living in sin and sleeping around with women you are not married to, then don't worry yourself because God will not visit you in that condition.

The bible says God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If God revealed himself to Gideon, Moses, Elijah and Isaiah, then He will show you His presence as long as you hold on to your integrity and wear clean spiritual robes.

Do everything with faith. Don't doubt the existence of God. He is watching every step of your life.

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