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Lot's Wife's Pillar Of Salt Is Still Standing Till Today, At Mount Sodom (Photos)

Lot's Wife's Pillar Of Salt Is Still Standing Till Today, At Mount Sodom: See Photos

Lot’s wife, biblical character, a disobedient woman who was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as she and her family were fleeing. Her story is seen as an example of what happens to those who choose a worldly life over salvation. 

Lots’ wife was an unnamed woman mentioned in the Bible very few times. First in Genesis 19:15-16, her husband was told to take her and her daughters out of the city of Sodom. Then while they were running, in Genesis 19:26, Lot’s wife looked back as the city burned. Last, Jesus referenced her in Luke 17:32 saying, “Remember Lot’s wife!”

The captivating issue is that this pillar of salt she became, still stands until nowadays. Ever given that that point, the tale of lot's spouse has been passed on, and the region of the pillar has now not been forgotten. Human beings who've long gone on pilgrimage, have testified of having visible or even taken little portions of the salt lot's spouse have become. Scientists and Bible students also, have attested to this truth, that it's far the actual lot's spouse whom the bible mentioned. Right here are a number of the snap shots:

Seemingly, the salt pillar has turn out to be disfigured due to wear and tear from weather and different factors. However in case you look closely, you will see that it resembles the shape of a slim human, like a woman. So it's miles most in all likelihood proper as stated, that that is her pillar of salt.

Lot's spouse's tale will continue to be a lesson to christians, till christ comes. She disobeyed a easy practise, and instantly got struck.

One in no way knows while the wrath of God will come, so we must by no means take his mercies with no consideration the way she did.

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