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How A Young Lady Can Show Appreciation In Different Cultures.

And when Jesus had healed the ten lepers, one ran back and knelt before him and thanked him. Jesus asked "were you not ten in number that were healed, where are the rest"?Luke 17:11.

In essence, Jesus looked forward to receiving appreciation from the lepers after healing them.

We tend to be favoured in several ways by people in our life endeavors. This could be when we wanted job, when we wanted capital to start business, when our marriages were saved by that old man when our husbands were almost throwing us out of marriage. Common sense will demand us to show appreciation to these people who in diverse ways showed kindness to us.

As a young lady who in several ways has been favoured by people both men and women from different tribal backgrounds, how best will I show appreciation?

To show appreciation, you need to consider the sex of the person, the person's religion and cultural background. The following are possible ways by which you can show appreciation to the following tribes:

1. An Akan: The Akan has a very rich cultural background. They therefore read several meanings into what is given to them. If an Akan man or woman does something good for you, the highest way to show appreciation is to present a nice kente cloth to them. The choice of kente must also be considered. The symbols communicate several meanings and must therefore be considered.

2. A Northerner: A Northern man or woman is very traditional and therefore reads several meanings into what is presented to them. A material item that is universally accepted is the smock otherwise called "fugu". The fugu symbols also communicate several messages and must therefore be considered.

Another form of appreciation is to present a guinea fowl. This also is highly appreciated and shows love. This is why in-laws will present guinea fowls on special occasions to their father or mother inlaws.

In all, do not do the presentation alone. Get a respectable person to lead you to do the presentation for you.

Let us all help each other on no condition. However, we must appreciate those who came our way when we were in need.

To the men, let us help our young beautiful ladies without demanding sex.

Young ladies too must not enter people's office in your sexy bikinies to seek help.

By: Jmahama.

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )

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