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Africa: See Why This Pastor Was Disguised When He Preached

There are different ways of preaching and different kind of masquerade. Many of different kinds.One with cain chasing people for fun, one that can dance, one with pride and scary... One to be show of it's beautiful and strength... One that speaks peace, vision, ofor oma (prayer) to people that one preach with riddles, proverbs and words of wisdom... All the preachers in africa must have one of these. We must Know our root and culture.

A new Born Again christian masquerade from Awkuzu Anambra state. According to him he wants to combine the gospel with his culture. As you can see from the pictures in this article, that's how he always dress to preach the word of God. many disregard him as a Christian because of his dressing. If what he wore was of Satan,what FATHER CHRISTMAS used to wear is also devilish, afterall the both are masquerade. As far as your face or whole body is covered with mask, what are you? We should try and get ourselves out from mental slavery.

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Awkuzu Born Again


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