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Check out 3 most controversial things Rev Obinim has ever done

Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you 3 most controversial thing popular Ghanaian pastor Rev Obofour has ever done.

Rev Obinim as popularly known is a Ghanaian pastor who is known to be the founder and leader of the international God's way church. The pastor is one who is known for the miracles and wonders he has been doing in his church and this has attracted about 2000 plus people to the church. The popular Ghanaian pastor sometime ago did some controversial things that shocked a lot of people.

Below shows the 3 most controversial things Rev Obinim has ever done;

1. Made a woman carry cement blocks for hours because of lotto numbers

Sometime ago, Obinim claim to be giving out lotto numbers to his church members to stick and amazingly, a lot of people have testify to winning but the turn of this woman was not a lucky one as she was asked to carry cement blocks for hours before she would get a lotto number. According to the pastor, he made the woman carry the cement because she refused to stick the Lotto numbers he had given her earlier.

2. Appeared in church putting on a ladies wig

Another controversial thing Rev Obofour did was appearing in church putting on ladies which. Weeks back, the popular pastor was spotted in church wearing a wig of which his church members were amuse. Why would a man of God go to church putting on a wig? That is best known to him.

3. Stepping on sick woman's stomach to heal her

A lot of people have been wondering if Re Obinim is indeed a true man of God as some of the things he do proves otherwise. How can a man of God step on a sick person's stomach in the name of healing her. In a video which circulated online, the pastor was Spotted stepping on a woman stomach claiming he is healing her from her sickness.

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