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Christian Women and Men should not do Make-up. Please find out Why - Testimony of an Occult Person

Brother Oscar was into occult but now in Christ. He has some revelations to make, and they are transcribed below.

One day I was informed about a woman that was prayerful. I was told by witches, “We have tried to attack the woman but we failed. She always prays and she is dedicated. She is causing trouble in the neighborhood with her prayer that is causing bombardment and fire.” I said to the Brotherhood, “Leave it to me. I will deal with her.”

When I took the case I began to study the Christian lady. First and foremost, I checked her clothing and adornment. I wanted to know whether she is using makeup and I saw that she was not in makeup. I tried to contact the Queen Jaqueline of the toilet.

Given that the woman was prayerful, the Queen was not in her toilet anymore. I saw that when this woman was walking in the street, she was doing silent prayer in her heart and fire was bubbling around her. When she was working in the office she was working and praying in her heart. Silent prayer was a way of life for her. She prays for her house and her husband.

When I went to her house to get something to enchant it, but there was fire covering all items in the house. When I tried to touch her pagan husband I saw that he was in a fire. Whenever Christian prays, there are damages and destruction in the spirit world. The prayer of God’s child rise in the air like a bowl of fire, and the more you pray the angel of God will engage battle in your favor.

The devil actually resorted to his 24 elders for war in space for the devil has 24 elders, 7 spirits and 4 living beings. He has copied what he has left in heaven. His 24 elders are dressed in black and they have crowns.

We were ordered to stop God's children from fasting and praying for their spirit grow and develop beyond human proportion in the unseen world. We were beneath the ocean and Lucifer White House when the devil said to the audience, “You must stop God's children from reading the Bible.”

Brother, I was in a perpetual war with God's children. I was monitoring them. Whenever a Christian opened the Bible in order to read, I was showing up for they were paranormal phenomena. In fact, as soon as the Christian began to read the first letter of the Bible passage at that moment, a flaming sword was coming down from the third heaven and the flaming sword was moving in circles around the Christian above his head with speed. The sword of light and fire was turning around a believer in great speed.

And the more the Christian read the Bible, the light and fire of the sword was getting strong and was removing impurity, sin and filthiness in the life of the believer. This is a work of purification for the meditation of the Bible purifies God's children.

The second role of the Sword of Heaven is to increase the spiritual strength of the believer. Those who read the Word of God their spiritual strength increase. The Sword of Heaven neutralize bondage that we put on God's children.

Brother, whenever this sword of fire descended from heaven, I was showing up at a relative distance in order to see. I always stood at a distance of 100 or 120 meters depending on the speed of the sword for fear of being struck down by the Heavenly Sword. I often shot arrow against this sword but the arrow were returning to me.

Whenever God's children were reading the Bible I was often blowing air to cause them to have thought about other things in their mind while reading the Bible. You cannot be reading the book of life and be thinking about your friends, project, and money. This was what I was doing.

Dear reader, you now know what you are missing when you dont spend hours reading the Bible and additional hours going on your knees in Prayer. Do not be ignorant of the devil's devices

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