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Ladies, what do you have to say about this: See what Prophetess did to Choir Mistress.

It all started when Mrs. Grace (the Prophetess) thought her husband, who is the presiding Pastor, Prophet, and founder of the Light of Glory Gospel Church, was considering having a love affair with the church's choir mistress.

Miss Judith was appointed by the Pastor to lead the Choir because of her Angelic voice and leadership style, as well as her contributions to the church.

According to an eye witness, Prophetess Grace became envious of Miss Judith because of the way her husband praises Judith in church, and she accused the husband of having an affair with the Choir mistress.

Prophetess Grace brought the matter to the Church council's attention, and after a thorough investigation, they discovered that nothing of the sort was going on between the Pastor and the Choir mistress, adding that the Prophetess is just paranoid.

Mrs. Grace, on the other hand, was enraged and threatened to do the unimaginable when Miss Judith was invited to the Pastor's home in the presence of his wife.

Because of the misguided conviction she holds against the pair, Mrs. Grace saw the invitation as a slap in the face.

The Pastor welcomed Miss Judith to his home in the presence of his wife and two church elders, with the intention of resolving the rift between the Prophetess and Miss Judith.

We had no idea what was about to happen. All of a sudden, the Prophetess emerged from her kitchen with a pot of boiling water and bathed Miss Judith in it, he said.

The incident has been reported to the police and the case is currently being handled by the legal system.

Mrs. Judith is in the hospital being treated for second and third-degree burns.

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