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"Dangote Is the first Apostle of Islam" Apostle Mike Orokpo reveals.

Whenever,one thinks of wealthy business men on the Continent of Africa,there is a name that can never be ignored. Such a name is on the lips of babes and sucklings. The wealth of this man and his business transcends the coast of Africa. While others may declared him as muslim,a popular man of God has seen him from different spectrum. The popular man of God described him, with a term associated with the Christian Faith.

Aliko Dangote, one of the richest men in Africa is described by one of the highly admired man of God,Apostle Mike Orokpo as the "first Apostle of Islam". Dangote owns many business such as sugar factory and cement among many other business.

Apostle Mike Orokpo is a young energetic and charismatic preacher of God. He is also an instructor at the cave Adullam Bible College.His messages are always centered on understanding of spiritual things and bringing back lost souls to God. 

Apostle Orokpo described Mr Aliko Dangote during one of his meetings, in message entitled "Necessity of Divine encounter". He said"today Dangote is the first Apostle of Islam but he is not preaching in the mosque." The highly esteemed man of God, Apostle Mike Orokpo further revealed that "a lot of plans or strategies are being put in place to make Dangote, one of the strongest financial force in Africa to rule African's economy. He continued by saying that he (Dangote) is among them at the conference since the walls are made from his cement. He also further admonished the participants at the conference that everyone was born with a designated assignment and the ability to fulfil such purpose in time is an essential assignment". He made it clear that,when one is called to be the Apostle of industries and he has decided to be a pastor is called failure.

This is a call for Africans to acknowledge and appreciate one another, no matter ones religious background.

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