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After I Hugged A Bishop Who Visited My House I Lost Consciousness And Found Myself Naked In His House

Julia has narrated how a bishop she trusted so much visited her house and asked her to hug him after she openly welcomed him, but after that she lost her consciousness. When she regained her consciousness, she found herself naked in the bishop's house. Julia Cake was from a poor family. She dropped out of school and got married when she met her husband.

Although they did exchange numbers, Julia was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him because of their age difference. He was too old for her and way older than her. The man pretended to have gone to see her and called her when he was at her gate, requesting that she let him in.

Even though it was against the rules of their church, the bishop demanded that she hug him. The moment she hugged him, she passed out and lost consciousness. The man packed her things and drove her to his house.

When she regained consciousness, she was naked and in a different home. Shockingly, she woke up the sleeping man next to her by inquiring about their location and why she was naked. The man said they were in Naivasha, and she was legally his wife as of that day.

Only once a month her husband set foot inside the house. She got pregnant unexpectedly and had a girl. He would insist that she have a son. While pregnant with her third child, Julia's husband kicked her out of the house in a rage since she had once again conceived and given birth to a girl instead of a boy. This was how her marriage ended because she failed to bear him a male child.

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