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Know Your Spiritual Colour To Make Your Guidian Angel Present With You 24/7 To Protect And Guide You

Most of the creations of God are identified with their colours and other things.Today I want us to see and know some secret spiritual things that many spiritual people don't want to talk about with even the closest among them.There are ark angels that supretend over each day of the week and their colours that they are attracted to.wherever their colours are, they are always there.

The angel of Sunday is Holy Michael and his colour is yellow,so therefore every Sunday born must wear yellow colour dress to attract his guidian angel.The angel of Monday is Holy Gabriel and his colour is white, the angel for Tuesday is Holy Samuel and his colour is red, the angel for Wednesday is Holy Raphael and his colour is Ash, the angel for Thursday is Holy Sachiel and his colour is blue, the angel for Friday is Holy Urea/Aneal and is the only angel with two names and his colour is green, and finally the angel for Saturday is Holy Cassiel and his colour is black.

One must make it a point to wear a dress made up of the colour of his guidian angel so as to attract the full assistance of him, it's Soo magical.I always apply mine and it is always wonderful with the result when I add half day fast, apply and see.

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Ash Holy Cassiel Holy Michael Holy Raphael Holy Urea


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