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What are the types of prayers you know

Though prayer is an indispensable element of Christian life, different people pray for different reasons. Different people would find themselves in differ ent situations that necessitate prayer. Therefore, the type of prayer we usher is determined by our situation, circumstances, and the type of response or intervention that our prayer is intended to call upon.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Life is an immeasurable gift that deserves sincere pious gratitude. The breath of life, as well as our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical capacities are products of the Almighty. The oxygen we breathe, water, food and a multitude of other resources that are essential for human survival and comfort are all express products of God. This magnitude of exceptional generosity and unconditional love bestowed upon us by God deserves the highest possible level of gratitude. Hence, gratitude is a way to inform the Lord that we fully acknowledge and highly cherish all these material and immaterial blessings. By expressing gratitude to these wonderful assets God has endowed us with, we are also creating channels means by which even more grace and abundance would pour into our lives.

Prayer of intercession

This is a scenario whereby one prays on behalf of others. One can intercede in prayer on behalf of someone in a situation where they are not even able to muster the strength to pray, for instance, a drug addict, someone who is chroni cally sick, or a baby who has not yet developed the ability to pray. One can also perform this kind of prayer for an entire nation, certain institutions such as the government, educational establishments, hospitals or any other establishment as one sees fit.

 Prayer of supplication

Prayer of supplication entails submitting a humble request for God to grant us a favor. Prayers of supplication can embrace a wide range of forms, for instance, we can ask God to offer us something tangible, or to lend us a help ing hand in a particular situation in our life.

Prayer of praise and adoration

This type of prayer is entirely dedicated to the acknowledgement and glorification of the excellent characteristics of God, such as His majesty, power, glory, mercy, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, love and greatness.

Prayer of penitence

Prayer of Penitence enables us to express deep remorse for our shortcomings, while equally seeking forgiveness for any wrongdoings that we might have intentionally or erroneously inflicted upon others. 

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